we should visit russia in the summer

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Digitally Painted Commissions

  • Character portrait (Bust: #1): $7
  • Character portrait (Waist-up: #2): $15
  • Painted Portrait from photo (#3): $25
  • Dynamic piece/fullbody with background (#4): $30+

So I’m currently living on my own and searching for a job! Every bit of extra cash counts, so I thought I’d try again at getting commissions.

Please contact me through my ask or ask for my email or you can contact me on my skype which is also “lingaring”

Please consider or at least help me signal boost this post!

Lily is an incredible artist!! Please commission her, you know you want to—-

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It’s been raining and im so glad

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some shoujo-ai babies

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sorry for the lack of updates! been on a gnarly artblock

Here! have crying flower cat girl thing…..

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Hello, friends! I have shirts up in Inksterinc! How exciting! If you could spread the word, that would be a load of help.

(Also: I’m currently getting things together so I can sell leftover prints from cons online again, since I hit a pretty big roadblock after realizing my typical envelope-and-cardboard method was hard to sustain and got to customers damaged. If anyone knows how much poster tubes cost to ship, I would be eternally grateful for the information. Thank you!) 

LOOKIE! Awesome shirts that you should all check out!

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a sketch of a babe

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Anonymous said: I don't think I can tell you how many times I've reblogged you art and tagged it as inspiration. 

w-WHAT oh my gosh I’m so flattered… Thank you so much! I’m so glad I can provide any kind of inspiration! ;; smooches you

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Deer shirt now availible!

Hey guys! I recently joined inkster and added my first shirt design! If there are any of you who enjoyed this lil deer design and would like to wear it on your person, you can now get a shirt of it! WOW!! Click through the image to go to the inkster page or click right here!

Thank you!! *W*

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